Waterless Urinals

Irving’s Plumbing offers waterless urinals capable of saving you up to as much as 100,000 liters of water or more per year per fixture. This exciting new product by Water Matrixcompletely eliminates water and sewer costs normally incurred by conventional urinals. As water usage, perhaps our most precious resource, continues to rise, architects, builders, planners and environmentalists around the world are looking for new alternatives. With the no flush valve, waterless systems not only promise to reduce water usage, vandalism, maintenance and repair costs will also become a thing of the past. The Waterless No Flush™ urinal is easier to clean and is designed for retrofit or new construction applications in any type of industrial or commercial facility.
Why Choose Waterless Urinals?
Lower Water Usage
Waterless urinals are revolutionizing the plumbing industry by offering maintenance, operation and cleaning staff a viable alternative to manual and electronic urinals. With no more flushing, waterless urinals can save you up to 100,000 liters of water or more per year per fixture. This represents a massive saving of an increasingly scarce and expensive resource.
Easy Installation and Lower Maintenance
Waterless urinals are easier to install in both new construction and retrofit applications and maintenance is virtually eliminated. Our unit is quicker, easier and cheaper to install than conventional urinals, needing no cistern, flush pipes or bottle trap. And since there are no moving parts, you will no longer have to repair flush valves, or deal with encrustations, plugged drains, overflows or vandalism. Waterless systems also avoid the need for frost and vandal prone plumbing accessories and avoid flooding when bowls block due to scale or sabotage. Washrooms will no longer need to be shut down to remove salt build up in the piping and there will be no risk of flooding or water pressure drop during high peak periods.
Regardless of what type of urinals or flushing system you currently have, waterless urinals will make your washroom or restroom a healthier place to be. As well as offering significant water savings, waterless urinals eliminate many of the problems associated with flushing urinals, namely scale, odour, blockage, and subsequent flooding. The waterless urinal is healthier and more hygienic than other alternatives because it is both dry and flushless. With Waterless urinals, bacteria doesn’t have the moisture they need to thrive. The dry urinal surface of the waterless urinal is liquid repellent and hostile to bacteria. Urinals that are flushed are known to spread bacterial aerosols, which then seed nearby wet and damp spots to form new growths. All of this is eliminated with waterless urinals. They eliminate offensive urinal odors by isolating urine from the restroom atmosphere. The EcoTrap®, a special drain insert, contains a layer of BlueSeal® liquid that floats on top of the urine in the trap and forms a barrier against sewer vapor escape. This EcoTrap® barrier is more sanitary than the pool of diluted urine that seals the conventional urinal drain.
How It Works
The Waterless No Flush™ Urinal by Water Matrix looks just like a conventional urinal. It is available in vitreous china, or fiberglass, and installs to a regular 2″ waste-line in new construction, renovations, or retrofit applications. The key to the success of the product is the unique EcoTrap system. A small amount (3 oz.) of an immiscible liquid called BlueSeal floats inside the removable trap. When the urinal is used, the urine passes through this “lighter than water” liquid and down the drain line just as it does in a conventional urinal. The BlueSeal liquid effectively forms a barrier between the drain and the washroom environment, sealing out the urine odor. The dry urinal surface creates a hostile environment for bacteria resulting in an even more sanitary and odor-free fixture. The 3 oz. of BlueSeal liquid will last for about 2000 urinal uses or more before requiring replenishment, making it much more economical than the ever increasing cost of water. By eliminating the flush valve; repairs and maintenance are also eliminated providing even greater savings.
Main Benefits

  • Eliminates urinal odour
  • Eliminates flush valve repair
  • Eliminates water pressure problems
  • Eliminates costly flush sensors
  • Eliminates stoppages and overflows
  • Eliminates vandalism
  • Eliminates line encrustations
  • Eliminates leaking flush valves
  • Eliminates water and sewer costs
  • Eliminates rest room shut downs
  • Eliminates mitigation for water usage

Waterless Urinal Applications
The most obvious beneficiary of a waterless urinal has to be the general public and the maintenance and cleaning staff in charge of maintaining public washrooms and commercial restrooms. Some of the many possible applications might include everything from major department stores, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, gas service stations, industrial facilities, to shopping malls and universities.
About Water Matrix
Waterless, Odorless, No Flushometer, No Valve Repairs, No Sensor, No Deodorizer Reduces Vandalism, Reduces Waste Volume, Reduces Maintenance, More Sanitary
With a North American history since 1991, the Water Matrix Waterless No-Flush urinal has established itself as the most economical urinal product available on the market today. Installation of a Water Matrix Waterless No-Flush urinal typically reduces your operating costs by approximately 75% without compromise to a clean and odor-free washroom environment.
Water Matrix introduced the first Waterless urinal to the Canadian market in 2001. Over the past few years similar products have been introduced. While imitation does validate our technology, and is the highest form of flattery, no other product has been able to duplicate the cost effectiveness of the Waterless No-Flush urinal by Water Matrix.

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