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Irving’s Plumbing supplies a complete line of urinals for commercial and even home use. We specialize in innovative urinal designs, accessories and parts from flush valves to sensors. We supply some of the most popular brand name urinals on the market including Mansfield, Kohler and Sloan. A urinal is a type of specialized toilet designed to be used only for urination and almost always by a standing male. They are smaller than your average toilet, use a lot less water and are much more convenient in a commerical or public bathroom. Waterless urinals represent the latest innovation in developing environmentally friendly toilets for reducing water use.
Urinals are classified according to whether or not they employ a flush valve, and the flush valve iself which determines the flush type, i.e., lever, push button, automatic (battery) and automatic (hardware). While most urinals incorporate a flushing system to rinse the bowl of the device, waterless no flush urinals are starting to appear as a viable alternative. In conventional flush valve systems, the flush can be triggered by one of several methods:
Manual Urinals
The lever type of flush valve might be regarded as standard in North America. Each urinal is equipped with a short lever or a push button to activate the flush, with users expected to operate it as they leave. This flushing method is efficient as long as patrons remember to use it.
Timed Flush Urinals
In some countries where manual flush handles are unusual, the method of flush is a timed flush that operates automatically at regular intervals. Groups of up to ten or so urinals are connected to a single overhead cistern, which contains the timing mechanism. A constant feed of water slowly fills the cistern, until a tripping point is reached, the valve opens, and all the urinals in the group are flushed. Electronic controllers performing the same function are also used. This system does not require any action from its users, but it is wasteful of water where the toilets are used irregularly.
Automatic Flush Urinals
Electronic automatic flushes solve the problems of both previous approaches, and are common in new installations. In these models, the flush valve is either automatic and batter powered, or automatic (hardware). Active or (more usually) passive infra-red detectors identify when the toilet has been used, and activate the flush. Thus the urinal is cleaned where with a manual flush it might not have been, but water is not wasted when the toilet is not used.
Waterless Urinals
Maintaining a public restroom or washroom has to be a major cost for most businesses. Loss of customers, high water usage and high maintenance costs can all add up to a major headache. Waterless urinals not only promise massive savings in water usage, they require no maintenance, are easy to install and clean, and they make your washroom a healthier place for your customers. With no flush valve, waterless systems not only promise to reduce water usage, vandalism, maintenance and repair costs will also become a thing of the past. The waterless urinal is designed for retrofit or new construction applications in any type of industrial or commercial facility.