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Here are some brief descriptions of each page in the website in case you’re not finding what you need. The company logo graphic at the top of every page leads back to the home page.
Irving’s Plumbing Supplies – an overview of our company and the products we offer.
Profile – a short history of Irving’s Plumbing Supplies
For an overview of the products we represent and supply visit the links below:

Plumbing Heating
Piping & Fittings
Pumps – Water | Submersible | Sewage | Condensate | Utility
Radiant Floor Heating
Water Heaters 
Tankless Water Heaters
Circulator Pumps 
Hot Water Boilers
Baseboard Radiators
Fixtures Miscellaneous
Baths & Whirlpools
Faucets – Chicago | Residential | Commercial
Kitchen | Bathroom | Shower
Urinals | Waterless Urinals
Hot Water Dispensers
Garbage Disposals

Mansfield Plumbing Products
Links – here you can find links to associations, resource portals, magazines and articles related to the plumbing industry.
What’s New – here you can find the lastest news at Irving’s Plumbing Supplies and other developments in the plumbing industry.
The Faucetworks Showroom – our showroom is now in full operation for all bathroom and kitchen remodeling and design projects. Come and visit us today!.
Suppliers List – a list of all our suppliers.
Contact Us – here you can make inquires about our heat exchangers or even request a quote for one of our products.

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