Seed Banks: Top 4 reputable seed banks in the US

Seed banks are secure storage facilities where seeds are deposited to help avoid the extinction of a plant due to crop destruction. Scientists can withdraw the seeds from such banks for replanting when none exists anywhere in the world. Seeds can be viable for planting after centuries if properly stored. Svalbard Global Seed Vault is the biggest seed bank in the world. There are over 1,400 seedbanks globally. Below are some of the most reputable seed banks in the US, which deal with marijuana:

#1 Seedsman

Seedsman has been to provide a wide range of marijuana products since 2003. They stock auto-flowering, regular and feminized cannabis seeds from over 122 leading breeders. They help marijuana growers grow the right variety.

#2 I Love Growing Marijuana

Robert Bergman’s I Love Growing Marijuana is among the United States’ best seed banks. This seed bank sells store-branded mix packs and strain varieties of marijuana. They have over ~100 reg, auto, and fem seed packs. Their website has over 500 articles on how to grow marijuana, which makes it an ideal source of information for beginners. They source their marijuana seeds from Amsterdam.

#3 Seed City

This marijuana seed bank deals with new and rare seeds sourced from hundreds of breeders. Their seeds are sent in crush-proof tubes from various parts of the world. Seed City’s marijuana seeds are labeled in 22 languages, including Thai, Russian, English, and Japanese among others.

#4 The Vault-Cannabis Seeds Store

The Vault stocks over 2,500 strains of cannabis seeds, acquired from 109 breeders. The store ships marijuana products to any part of the globe where consumption of the product is legally accepted. Users in the US can expect to receive their orders within ten days.
Seed banks are vital in ensuring plants do not become extinct. Cannabis seed banks help in classifying and maintaining quality varieties of the plant.

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