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In the plumbing world, everything begins and ends with water. It is because of our need for water that we look for new and innovative ways of acquiring it and how to get rid of it once we are finished with it. By “plumbing” we usually mean a system of piping that carries water into and out of an inhabited building. It can also mean a lot more. To protect the public health, every inhabited building must provide a fresh and safe supply of water for drinking, the safe operation of the plumbing fixtures and appliances, and the effective removal of waste and waste water. To provide the sanitary facilities required, local governments are responsible for establishing regulations or plumbing codes, which govern design and installation requirements and the minimum number of fixtures needed, based on building use and the number of occupants. At Irving’s Plumbing Supplies we strive to meet all these requirements by providing only the best in service and expertise.
Our inventory of wholesale plumbing supplies covers all aspects of the plumbing process. In a water management system, plumbing or sanitation engineers not only have to concern themselves with the supply of water, but they have to be experts on the drain-waste-vent (DWV) system. Our line of wholesale plumbing supplies includes all aspects of the water management system, from its supply to its safe and effective removal. Our inventory includes all possible types of piping and fittings from copper to plastic – valves, drains, pumps, interceptors, parts & tools.
Pipes and Fittings
While you might not be able to find pipes made from hollow logs, most buildings will have a combination of plastic, copper, galvanized steel, and maybe even some lead, brass or iron. While plastic is used mostly as a drain and waste pipe, copper is still the pipe of choice for most DWV systems. 
When you are dealing with pipe, whether it be a brand new building or a renovation project, you will need all types of fittings and ways to join pipe together. Once the pipes are connected, they will need to be supported so that they can function properly.

Developments in valve technology is constantly advancing are making it easy for you to get the right valve to do the job. We offer the latest design advancements in valves in a variety of sizes and shapes, complete with all the connections and options you will ever need. Whether you plan on using valves for hydronic, heating, plumbing, or heavy industrial processes, our valves are guaranteed to do the job.

A sump pump is one of the best ways to remove excessive water from your building. As ground water levels rise after a heavy snow or rainfall, a sump pump will remove any excess water up through piping and safely away from the building.

Interceptors prevent grease, fats, oils, waxes and soaps from clogging up your waste drainage system. If you have anything to do with the preparation and cooking of food, you are going to have to invest in a grease interceptor sooner or later. We supply a full line of lint, hair and grease interceptors.

Plumbing Parts & Tools
With years of experience of finding the right tool or part for all kinds of plumbing projects, our choices in plumbing parts and tools are based on 
which part or tool works best, lasts the longest, and gives us years of trouble free service. When you purchase parts and tools from us, know that you are paying for that expertise.

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