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At Irving’s Plumbing Supplies, we offer a comprehensive range of lavatories from freestanding pedestal lavatories, the classic drop-in, self-rimming lavatories to wall-mounted lavatories. Our lavatories offer you personal comfort with classical style and elegance.
A lavatory should not be confused with a sink. A distinction is made between the two because a lavatory was iniatially designed as a basin for personal washing, while a sink is mainly for washing things such as dishes. Lavatories typically are made from vitreous china and are more delicate than sinks.
Lavatories come in four general types:
1. Freestanding Lavs 
Freestanding or pedestal lavatories generally work the best in large bathrooms where there is plenty of storage and where you’re not dependent on a vanity or cabinent around the lav. These lavs are more expensive, as a rule, than the other types.
2. In Counter or flat rim Lavatories – Set into a vanity or counter 
Lavs that are set into a counter often are used because the cabinent is custom built to fit a certain space. This arrangement allows the homeowner to choose from a variety of counters, including tile, plastic laminate, and marble. Whe the cabinent is built and installed, the lav itself is installed in a precut hole in the counter. Sinks can be set into counters in one of three ways:
1. An under-counter lav uses the edge of the hole cut into the counter as a rim
2. A self-rimming lav fits into the counter hole and has a rim that rests on the counter.
3. One-piece vanity tops and bowls that fit seamlessly on top of the counter or vanity.
If you don’t mind somewhat limited choices in counters, a one-piece top and bowl is a great way to go. The biggest advantages to this arrangement are that it’s easy to clean and also seamless, which means no chance of water seepage between the edge of the sink and the counter. This is the simplest bathroom lav arrangement possible and is a great idea for the children’s bathroom or a guest bathroom.
3. Above-Counter Lavatories 
Lavs that sit on top of counters are know as above-counter basins. These are slowly working their way into tsome bathroom remodels and custom homes. Some consider them to be very stylish, while other s will view them as an inconvenience to use and clean because the outside of the bowl is exposed.
4. Wall Hung Lavatories 
Wall hanging models are great for small spaces such as half-baths.
The plumbing to hook up your lav will be the same regardless of the type you choose or its price tag: hot and cold water in, waste water out. If you have plenty of space to fit your lav, then you have plenty of options when choosing a model and style.
Bathroom Lavatories
Bathroom Lavatories are made from a variety of materials including:

  • Vitreous China
  • Enameled Cast Iron
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cultured Marble
  • Polished Brass
  • Polished Copper

Brass and copper are infrequent choices for lavatories and require a lot of maintenance unless you like the weathered, patina look.
Lavatories comes in different designs and shapes including:

  • Vanity-mounted Lavatories
  • Wall-mounted Lavatories
  • Corner Lavatories
  • Rectangle, oval, and round bowls
  • Self-rimming Lavatories: that sit on the top of the vanity
  • Undermount Lavatories: that mount flush to the top of the vanity and are secured underneath.
  • Pedestal lavatories: that hide much of the plumbing behind a narrow pedestal, while vanity lavs conceal everything inside their cabinetry.

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plumbing fixtures for the interior designer

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