Kitchen Luxuries

kitchen luxuries

Irving’s Plumbing Supplies supplies modern kitchen luxuries from some of the most famous brand names in the world. As you might imagine there is no end to what you can do to make your kitchen a modern work of functionality and comfort. Affordability, as always, is your only limit.
The kitchen is the room where you cook and prepare meals, store and preserve food and even entertain. It is also probably the most social room in the house. We believe that a well-designed, comfortable kitchen is one of the treats of modern plumbing. Your plumbing layout will depend on the number of appliances in your kitchen. At the bare minimum, you will probably have a sink, a refrigerator and a stove. At the other extreme, you could have everything from two to three sinks, a stove and refrigerator, a hot water dispenser and a dishwasher.
When it comes to remodelling or building your kitchen, there has been a trend towards “island” kitchens that have a small second sink added to a counter situated in the middle of the kitchen. Modern kitchens are full of new appliances, all of which must be properly supported by the underlying plumbing system. Extra sinks, large triple bowl sinks, dishwashers and huge refrigerators place an enormous burden on water supply and drain lines. While most remodelling projects begin with what one can see, there are hidden underneath all that finery, a system of electrical and plumbing systems that need to be evaluated before going any further.
While the kitchen is the most social room in a home, it is also the chef’s second home. When luxury is an objective, one has to remember that a kitchen appliance has to do what it was designed to do. Never sacrifice function for appearances. Whatever you decide, Irving’s Plumbing Supplies can offer you reliable and insightful advice when it comes to planning for the kitchen of your dreams.
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kitchen luxuries