[Best European Seed Banks] Discreet Seeds reviews (www.discreetseeds.co.uk)

Discreet Seeds is a UK Seedbank offering hundreds of feminized, regular and auto flowering cannabis seed varieties.

First off, we were immediately impressed by Discreet website. Their immediate navigation is divided into Breeders, Feminized Cannabis seeds, Regular Cannabis Seeds, Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds, Cannabis Cup Winners. CBD Seeds and New Seeds.

Then when you chose a category, say feminized cannabis seeds, you can then immediately sort via type of seed, price, featured seed banks, THC level, height, flowering time, whether the plant is mostly Indica or mostly sattva. These makes it extremely easy to choose your seeds.

We were also impressed with the fact that all seeds are sold individually. This makes Discreet a perfect choice for the mix and match cannabis horticulturist. Salesmen have a mantra, “always be closing.” Cannabis aficionados have a similar mantra, “always be testing.”

The problem is most seedbanks lock you into purchasing 5 or more seeds at a time.

Another thing we love about Discreet’’s website is that at the very top there is another navigation bar, and the important stuff, the FAQ’s is clearly highlighted.

Discreet ships to the USA, and sends order package by Royal Mail. They estimate receiving a package sent to the U.S. will take on average 7 to 10 days for shipping. They also offer tracked, quick shipping by an international carrier that will arrive between 1 and 5 days, which is outstanding.

For payment from USA customers they accept bank transfer, cryptocurrency and cash. It may be possible to pay via credit card but it depends upon credit card agreements. Whether you can pay by credit card or not will be shown in the checkout window.

What are customers saying about Discrete seed bank?

One review of a customer that had ordered several times raved at the4 customer service.

Another customer was highly impressed with the speed that their internataional order came.

The general rule from over 100 different reiviews is that Discreest rocks as a seedbank.

We agree and would rate Discrete one of the best European seed banks, if not one of the top 10 seed banks in the world.