Best Purple Strains

The cannabis strains that grow in the harsh environment produce a purple pigment or anthocyanins. The purple strains are among the best marijuana varieties and are quite expensive. Years of cross-breeding have brought about numerous purple strains, hardened to accommodate different weather conditions.
Purple strains are ideal for the outdoor conditions, but you can still find those that do well indoors. The following discussion includes helpful information on how to choose the best purple strains.

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Top 13 Best Purple Strains

#1 Purple Haze

Purple Haze is, without a doubt, among the best purple outdoor strains at the moment. Named after Jimi Hendrix, Purple Haze is claimed to increase physical and mind energy.
The users of the Purple Haze strain claim its effectiveness in cramp reduction, headaches, healing, and stress reduction. It is common among people that wanted to enhance their social skills during a gig. But Purple Haze is not for everyone, especially those that experience panic and paranoia.
Purple Haze is easy to grow, with a short flowering period.

#2 Purple Trainwreck

The purple trainwreck is medically used to manage pain, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, and nausea. It has long-lasting effects that possibly last throughout the night, providing relief. Purple Trainwreck is the blending of indica and sativa strains, responsible for the mind and body effects, respectively.
The purple trainwreck has an exceptional blend of flavors that include lavender citrus and pine.

#3 Purple #1

The legendary strain whose use can be dated back to the 80s is best known for its first hitting high. The high goes as fast as it comes. Purple #1Is associated with some euphoria and mind relaxation that makes the experience all worth it.
The yields are average, and do exceptionally well, outdoors.

#4 Shaman

The euphoria and psychedelic feelings are characteristic of Shaman. Just as the name suggests, the blue-purple strain is real magic. The strain can help with various medical conditions such as arthritis, depression, and migraines.
However, people with bipolar disorder, anxiety, and PTSD would best stay away from the strain. The original taste that consists of earthy, spicy, citrus and a mix of flower flavor is something to look forward to for the weed connoisseurs. We cannot forget to mention that it is one of the best purple outdoor strains for the people with a green thumb.

#5 Purple Afghan Kush

The best purple indica strains have a special relaxing effect. Its potency and flavor are unique, and you can tell it apart from the others, especially if you are a weed enthusiast.
The THC concentration of purple Afghan Kush is around 25% and the best for both recreational and medicinal purposes. It has a sweet and fruity aroma, characteristically apple, grapes, or pineapple.

#6 Deep Purple

A berry-rich and sweet smoke from the Deep Purple is among the factors that cannabis connoisseurs look forward to. It is undeniably one of the best tasting purple strains.
The sedative effects of Deep Purple make it ideal for helping with chronic pain and insomnia. It is a couch lock strain and must be ready for inactivity after taking it.

#7 Purple OG 18

The good-looking cannabis strain has a characteristic intense high that affects both body and mind. It has a strong taste, and the effects include sleepiness and lack of focus. Take it late in the evening when you don’t have a lot to do.
And similar to the other strains, you can use OG 18 for stress reduction insomnia and pain. It is easy to breed.

#8 Las Vegas Purple Kush BX

The purple Kush has a lavender flavor whose effects can be quite overpowering. It is a cloned strain, and the quality of the seeds may vary significantly. Even though the seeds are tough to get, you can grow the purple Kush strain from cuttings.

#9 Purple Stilton Autoflowering

Purple stilton has a high CBD content, and its medicinal value is above most other purple strains. It has a relaxing and happy feel, even euphoria, depending on the dose. Purple stilton is impressive-looking, and its small height makes it possible to grow it in balconies.

#10 LSD-25

LSD-25 has a reputation as among the most potent strains. Tread carefully if you are a beginner. It has a psychedelic and euphoric effect, and can as well, enhance a lot of creativity. The strain is simple to grow, but you must always remember to hydrate it properly.

#11 GDP

The immensely yielding strain is popular because of its therapeutic benefits. It can help with insomnia, pain, stress, and depression among others. The strain has a short flowering period of about 60 days, and you don’t have to wait for too long.

#12 Ayahuasca Purple

Ayahuasca Purple is also one of the toughest to breed from seeds because of the various backgrounds. The strain has a unique potency that makes an effort, all worth it. The couch-lock and deep relaxation feeling associated with the cannabis strain are best experienced during the evening, and not any other time of the day that you need to be active.

#13 Purple Paro Valley

Undoubtedly the best purple sativa strains, the Purple Paro Valley has shorter buds, a short flowering period, and a short stature. It is, therefore, easy to cultivate, which is pretty much unlike the other strains in this list.
Purple Paro Valley has two phenotypes; purple and green. The first one is more attractive than the first one. However, the green strain has shorter flowering period and is easier to cultivate.
The strain can help with pain, anxiety, and stress. Its aroma and taste are unique and not like any other.

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