Best Cannabis Seed Banks

The use of cannabis remains to be frowned upon by most people. You have to admit, not even half of the world’s population has a positive view of marijuana use, either recreationally or medically. This reception continues to give cannabis enthusiasts apprehensions when it comes to ordering online. This article gives you a little relief since we’ll be talking about the best cannabis seed banks that ship to the US.

#1 I Love Growing Marijuana

Since opening its doors in 2012, it has grown into one of the most trusted credible cannabis seed bank in the world. Founded by a marijuana growing expert from the Netherlands, they offer feminized, fast flowering, and autoflowering strains.

#2 Seedsman

Offers a broad selection presented in a systematized and user-friendly page. They are known for pitching promotions, discounts, and freebies all throughout the year.

#3 Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Their pool of seed breeders creates high-quality and innovative varieties, making them a consistent seed bank favorite.

#4 MSNL Seeds

They are known not only for selling excellent cultivars but also for testing seed strains in their arsenal for the development and creation of authentic strains.

#5 Seed Supreme

Their website is undeniably user-friendly. And with a selection of over 4,000 different seeds from countless varieties, they are revered as one of the best-stocked seed banks online.

#6 True North Seed Bank

This seed bank presents a wide range of strains derived from the biggest players in the cannabis trade.

#7 Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Search for strains via an extensive search engine based on a seed’s flowering time, level of growing difficulty, plant size, seed type, and strain type.

#8 Crop King Seeds

Aside from a range of cannabis seed varieties, they offer over 30 one-of-a-kind strains cultivated by their in-house engineers.

#9 Seed City Seeds

This crew believes in reaching out to their clients thus, they are very active in answering FAQs and sharing information on payment and shipping through email.

#10 Pacific Seed Bank

They offer a full refund or seed replacements when clients raise issues with their purchases. A 90% fertilization and 100% feminized guarantee puts them on the list as one of the best cannabis seed banks on the web.