apollo valves for the plumbing industry

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apollo valves for the plumbing industry

Plumbing Valves

Plumbing valves have changed the way water and air are handled in commercial, industrial and residential plumbing applications. We offer valves in all sizes and shapes, and with all the connections and options you need. Whether you plan on using valves for hydronic, heating, plumbing, or heavy industrial processes, our valves are guaranteed to do the job. We supply all kinds of valves including brass ball, backflow preventers, copper & iron pipe ball, check, gate, globe, pvc, apollo ball, butterfly and mini ball valves. Our suppliers include Dahl Brothers Canada Ltd, BMI Canada Inc., Conbraco Industries Inc., Watts Industries, Brasscraft and Red & White Valve Corporation.

Dahl Brothers Canada Ltd
The mini ball valves manufactured by Dahl are CSA, IAPMO and NSF 61/9 approved.
Home of the mini-ball valve since 1984. Dahl is a 100% Canadian manufacturer of top quality plumbing and heating valves. Dahl's products are available at wholesalers and retailers, and they are also used by an increasing number of high quality Original Equipment Manufacturers.

dahl mini ball valve

BMI Canada Inc.
Our impressive stock of primary market plumbing products makes us one of the largest distributors in Canada. Wholesalers appreciate the fact that we carry a full line of PVC and brass valves.

pvc valve

Conbraco, Industries Inc.
As a manufacturer of plumbing and heating products for over 75 years, Conbraco introduced the first ball valve - 70-Series for plumbing applications in 1968. We offer apollo ball valves in all sizes and shapes, and with all the connections and options you need. Whether you need valves for hydronic systems, irrigation, instrumentation, or tough industrial process flow, one of our ball valves is sure to fit your purpose.

apollo valve

Watts Industries (Canada) Inc.
Whatever your needs in water safety, quality, flow control and conservation, Watts valves are the solution. Some of our featured product lines include backflow preventers, thermostatic mixing valves, ball valves, relief valves, and many more specialty items.

watts valve

For over 50 years BrassCraft has been providing the plumbing industry with quality plumbing products. With BrassCraft, you can always count on receiving the highest quality products and services. State-of-the-art technology. Precision manufacturing. Backed by one of the finest sales and service organizations in the industry. BrassCraft offers a full line of reliable brass compression, flare, pipe and hose fittings . A compliment of drain cocks, needle valves, bottled gas and garden hose fittings round-out a comprehensive selection for todays brass fitting needs.

needle valves

Red & White Valve Corporation.
Established in 1971 as a joint venture between Mitsui & Company, Ltd. and Toyo Valve Company, Ltd. of Japan, Red-White Valve has grown into a trusted supplier of valves and related products to the Plumbing, Commercial and Industrial markets. For over 30 years Red-White has manufactured the best bronze and brass valves in the world.

brass and bronze ball valves

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