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kitchen and bathroom faucetsKitchen and Bathroom Faucets

Irving's Plumbing Supplies carries a comprehensive range of kitchen and bathroom faucets for residential as well as commercial use. Despite the overwhelming variety of faucets to choose from, a faucet is still only a faucet - an end point valve that controls water volume and temperature. Instead of controlling the flow of water through the pipes, a faucet valve allows the water to flow through a spout. We offer residential and commercial faucets with a variety of materials, finishes and in two popular valve types: washer and washerless or cartridge. Our suppliers include major manufactures such as Chicago Faucets, Belanger, Simmons, Delta Commercial, Waltec, Nafphil, Moen, Aquabrass, Grohe, KWC, and Sloan.

There are roughly four different factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right faucet for your unique situation: valve type, material, finish, and design style. With the recent trend towards limited lifetime warranties, your choice really comes down to what is right for you and, as always, affordability.

Visit Delta FaucetsVisit Moen FaucetsVisit Grohe FaucetsVisit Aquabrass FaucetsVisit KWC FaucetsVisit Sloan FaucetsVisit Chicago FaucetsVisit NatPhil FaucetsValve Type: Faucets fall into two basic categories: washer and washerless or cartridge. There are faucets that use a washer, either a rubber or composition disk with a hole in its centre, that closes against a metal seat when the faucet handle is turned. More reliable, durable and easier to repair than washer valves, washerless faucets are the latest in valve technology. While the majority of bathroom and kitchen faucets sold today are single or dual control cartridge faucets (use a movable plastic or brass cartridge), the ball (use hollow plastic or stainless steel ball) and ceramic disc faucets are becoming very popular. Because of their diamond like hardness, the ceramic discs provide a smooth, air tight seal, are resistant to sand, sediment and hard water and widely considered to be the most durable faucet valve on the market.

Material of Construction: most faucet bodies are made from solid brass or zinc die-cast. Solid brass faucets are durable, heavy in weight and resistant to corrosion and calcification. Zinc die-cast faucets are just as durable, but lighter than solid brass and more affordable. While some manufacturers are introducing plastic as viable material of construction that is lighter and less expensive than brass or zinc, it is not as durable.

Finishes: applied to increase durability, enhance maintenance and appearance, the chrome plated finish has always been the most durable and affordable finish. But constantly in need frequent cleaning to maintain its shine, the chrome plated faucet offers little in design flexibility. If you are looking for more style, manufacturers offer polymer finishes with color and brass plated finishes with a polymer coating. Easier to keep clean, but less durable and vulnerable to corrosion, these finishes are entirely dependent on the durability of the polymer coating. A possible solution might be the latest in finish technology, physical vapor deposition (PVD). More resistant to scratching, corrosion and tarnishing than any other type of finish and easy to clean, you might consider the polished brass finish produced by PVD.

Design Styles: there is no end to the style and expense of faucets when it comes to ease of use and temperature control. Faucets are available as either a single or two handle style. The single handle faucet allows you to control both the water volume and temperature with one handle. Functional for the kitchen, this faucet might be a good idea for children and elderly users who may have difficulty adjusting volume or temperature with a two handle type. You can now get a faucets with a retractable pull-down or pull-out spray spout that can alternate from an aerated spray to a stream making sink cleaning and pot filling easier. Some even come with scald protection valves that are great for kids or built-in thermometers that allow you to set the temperature so that adjustment is not needed each time the water is turned on and off.

Our suppliers include the following:

Chicago Faucets
For over a century Chicago Faucets has offered commercial and residential products built to stand the test of time. A combination of the best engineering, finest materials and quality workmanship has made Chicago Faucets the specified choice in many of the finest building projects throughout North America. These buildings include major universities, public schools, professional athletic stadiums, major hospitals and national medical campuses. We have delivered on our promise of quality for over 100 years. And now, we promise you delivery of the products you find on the following pages in two weeks or less. - Learn more

Delta Faucets
From innovative faucet designs and cutting-edge safety features, the lifetime anti-tarnish finish, Delta continues to lead the way in the faucet industry. Delta delivers exceptionally well-made, stylish faucets and related kitchen and bath accessories that are both beautiful inside and outside. This market- leading product line features a unique combination of stylish looks and excellent quality, and is available in a wide variety of finishes.

delta faucets

Moen Faucets
Known in the plumbing industry for its washerless cartridge system, Moen faucets offer the perfect balance between styles you'll love and innovation you can live with.

moen faucets

Grohe Faucets
Characterized by the ultimate in technological quality and design, Grohe offers two handle and single handle faucets which lets you control both water temperature and water flow single-handedly.

grohe faucets

Aquabrass Faucets
For more than 15 years, Aquabrass has offered faucets with a perfect design, using top quality materials and assembled in a traditional way at a competitive price. Dedicated to the fabrication and distribution of faucets of outstanding quality and design, Aquabrass offers the finest faucets at a competitve price.

aquabrass faucets

To choose the right faucet for your office, restaurant, university or home, make sure you get the best advice you can, whether it be your local plumbing company or the interior designer or architect that is building the project.

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